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I found so many things about Yuma be it magazine scans and videos, but some if not most, of them are forbidden to be reuploaded AND IT SUCKS :( For now I will gather everything that I can find and I will pick whatever I can reupload, and the rest will be posted in this locked journal. I crossed the line in some older entries & I posted them in the community under different account, and I will take the full responsibility for that. It's just I cant post it by myself since I'm a mod in there.

Like seriously. So many good stuff are forbidden meanwhile Yuma's fans aren't that much in international fandom! None of Yuma's videos are being subbed nowadays either wtf. I have no choice other than break out the rules & keep the existing fans alive by supplying them Yuma stuff, otherwise we wont have anything to be posted in the community!

With this post, I encourage Yuma fans to add me as friend & I'll follow you guys back so you can see some locked  posts that are really impossible to be reuploaded in the community. Please ONLY YUMA FANS. I'm not following back who are NOT YUMA FANS.

You must leave a comment in here in order for me to add you back by answering this question:

How many sibling does Yuma have?

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11 October 2030 @ 12:59 am

Hello, there.

-YOU- ,
who's currently stumbled upon my page.
I'm not closing friends request, but I do not open it either. Anyone can add my journal now, but I can't guarantee anything if I will add you back.

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06 October 2013 @ 01:38 am
I just happened to know that Johnnys Net is now providing English translations hahahaha I don't even remember when did the last time I checked that site XDD

This is so random, but I uploaded Yuma's video message in there, and I JUST HAPPENED TO KNOW THERE'S ENGLISH SUBS OMG IS JOHNNY GOING SANE ALREADY?

Anyway preview XD


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Also there's something that makes me extremely annoyed...... why is it SO HARD to find Yuma's name in the site? At first I used to look for him in the 'Special' category (because NYC) but then there's only Monstar. Then I went into Kansai Jr....... eventhough there are lots of schedules like stageplays or whatever, his name is not in anywhere. Same goes to johnnys jr category....... I spent like nearly 30 minutes to find at least the name NYC in there, it ridiculous. Yuma is still in contract with Tongari Corn, but there's none of his name in the CM area. Not even the Tongari Corn. Try to search the magazine tag. Or Stage. Or TV Regular. NONE.

I was freaked out I thought he isn't Johnnys anymore.......... but he's still there. Other Jrs are getting their name in the site but not him. Why? Anybody knows something or..?
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10 August 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Anyone is interested to buy some cute arts from me? I love to do fanarts and I'm offering you guys simple ones with cheap prices and the examples are below:

Black & White sketch.

chibi panda2

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iso and nia copy2

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02 June 2013 @ 08:38 pm
I dont remember where did I host the Tegomass LJ moodthemes (because I dont remember the password to both of my Photobucket so I can't check) or maybe I just hotlinked katrinasacay's links... XD  But they're all gone T_________T
I wanna make a new one for my own but lol I'm so lazy ahaha. Doing moodthemes is so annoying as far as I remember, even storing it in LJ is troublesome! O_o

Later I will change it to default ones T_T Tegomasu T__T
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